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Reserve Grand Champion  Hendersonville TN 2016

Grand Champion Stutgart AR 2016

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Hello BBQ FANS!!,

       After 16 years on the Pro BBQ Tour and 3 Tennessee State Championships we have

decided to share what we have learned. In the past, only folks that were hanging around at

the right time got to sample the Flavor Profiles  we have become famous for. We have been

Catering for both large and small events over the past 16 years, and the excitement for our

products have really taken off! Even though our name suggest we only do BBQ, that's not all

together true. Our actual menu reflects a wide range of items, and styles of cooking. The

Competition BBQ Tour is an area for us to show off our skills and have some Fun! Whatever

your need, we would love to get a chance to demonstrate our skills and help make your event

Fun for all your Guest.

                                                                    Thank you,

                                                                                     Milt Collins